Why Is It Important To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene?

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By Ortega Cottage Dentistry

Oral hygiene is extremely important for everyone’s health. Having poor dental hygiene leads to various diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay. Not getting proper medical attention from a dentist in San Juan Capistrano leads to loss of teeth. Other health problems include poor digestion and stomach problems. When the teeth start deteriorating, the person may feel severe pain and discomfort. They should also be prepared to pay huge medical bills in the future. Simple oral habits such as brushing and flossing can prevent oral diseases from affecting the individual. However, you don’t need to brush properly or floss properly. There is still a possibility of plaque and tartar accumulation in the teeth, leading to cavities. Hence annual or multiple visits to the dentist as part of regular dental checkups are more of a necessity than a choice. The Oklahoma City dentist will be able to clean off the plaque and other debris that might have accumulated on your teeth. 

Relevance of Annual Dental Cleaning

Annual Dental cleaning allows the dentist in San Juan Capistrano to deep clean your teeth to boost your oral health. Such visits help the dentist in San Juan Capistrano determine whether any future dental problems will affect you or not and if so, provide the proper treatment that prevents such future problems from occurring. However, you should not leave the deep cleaning to your San Juan Capistrano dentist. You should ensure that you brush at least twice a day. It is always good to brush the teeth after meals so that it helps remove food debris effectively from the mouth and helps the mouth stay clean always. 

Things to Note While Brushing

There are a few things to take note of while brushing. Ensure the toothbrush is dentist-recommended and of high quality. It should also have soft bristles instead of hard bristles. The toothpaste you use should be rich in fluoride. The toothpaste you buy should be capable of strengthening the enamel and also should be able to give an anti-bacterial push. At times, the bristles of the brush won’t be able to reach specific areas within the teeth. During such instances, flossing becomes important. It can clean the food particles stuck between hard-to-reach areas for the toothbrush. 

Besides this, our diet also matters a lot in preventing us from getting dental problems. Certain foods such as coffee, sugar candies, tea, alcohol, beverages, soda, etc., can damage the tooth enamel and further stain your teeth. It could also lead to the development of cavities. It is good to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth using a mouthwash to clear off the food debris. Good oral hygiene means good overall health. It can also help you stay away from bad breath, gingivitis, etc. Many think of visiting a dentist in San Juan Capistrano only when they feel severe tooth decay. There could be scenarios wherein the dentist in San Juan Capistrano recommends tooth extraction when the damage to the teeth becomes irreparable. Such situations can be avoided through regular dental checkups.

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