Fun things to do in San Juan Capistrano

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By Ortega Cottage Dentistry

If you are planning a visit or move to San Juan Capistrano, then it is highly important to search for the best things which you can do there. There are plenty of tourist attractions to visit and the best restaurants to eat. Your visit to San Juan Capistrano will surely be the most memorable.

The best fun things to do in San Juan Capistrano

Do you want to know some of the best and most entertaining things to do here? Here are some of the most enjoyable things to do in San Juan Capistrano:

  • Mission San Juan Capistrano

This is an amazing place to be at. It is important to plan and spend at least one hour to wander around the tile roofs of the sprawling mission, lush gardens, courtyards, fountains and covered arches. This is a historic and multicultural attraction which is embracing the Spanish, Mexican, Native American and European heritage.

  • Play with animals at ZOOMARS petting zoo

This is an old west-style place which can help your kids to get closer to the animals and play with them to enjoy in the best possible way. You can find various animals here including chickens, pigs, plenty of bunnies, llamas, cows, and etc. Kids can also get a chance to enjoy various rides here.  

  • Enjoy some relaxing time at Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park

This is an amazing park which consists of 800-acres for wilderness preserve. This is located among the Santa Ana Mountains, river terraces and sandstone canyons. This place is always open to the public throughout the year and can be perfect to explore. 

  • Ramos House Café

This is the best place to have an amazing breakfast and lunch out located in the Los Rios Historic District. This is a wood built house with old west-flavor. This was built in 1881 and providing the best organically raised comfort food options for the visitors which are flavored with herbs grown on-site.

  • EI Campion

If you want to enjoy real-deal Mexican food then you must try this multiroom restaurant, Mercado, and panaderia. Here you can find plenty of freshly made options including tacos, burritos, pozole, tortillas, and tostadas.  

  • O’Neill Museum

This is an amazing museum which is being operated and organized by the historical society of San Juan Capistrano. This is a broad and batten construction cottage. This museum is housing the furnishing and décor of the 1880s. Even more, you will be able to find vintage photographs too which are grabbing the attention of visitor there more.

San Juan Capistrano is an amazing place with all the facilities required to live a happy life. Whether you need a place to go on weekends to enjoy with family or the best place to enjoy a delicious meal, you can find it all here with ease. Even more, you can also find the best San Juan Capistrano dental office and healthcare office to get treated well. People here are so kind and friendly. You can easily live a happy and stress-free life here in the best possible way.