Things To Do & Places To See San Jose California

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Are you planning for a weekend or a vacation? If so, welcome to bustling and vibrant San Jose. It is among the busiest city in Silicon Valley where you’ll find cool, unusual, and hidden things to do. Thanks to beautiful parks, free attractions, great restaurants, RV parks, museums, shops, lively neighborhoods, among others. Burn an hour downtown at the Children’s Discovery Museum. Also, have delicious breakfast, stroll through the stunning Municipal Rose Garden and explore the San Pedro Square Market. Here are the things to do & places to see San Jose, California.

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Visit San Jose Museum of Art

Take a walk through San Jose Museum. Just located near South Market Street and next to the De Cesar Chavez Park, this museum of Art has a fascinating history. San Jose museum is fantastic and exhibits late 19th, 20th, and 21st-century art-works created by popular West coast artists. If you’re an art lover, this place suits you. The museum’s more than 2,000 works represent numerous media forms like paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs. Though small in size, the museum is worth visiting because of its reasonable admission sizes and exciting exhibits.

Get lost in Municipal Rose Garden

The garden covers around 6 acres and is one of the amazing places to visit in San Jose. You can relax, recoup, smell the roses and enjoy cool air in Municipal Rose Garden with your family. This beautiful paradise has served as a home to blooming roses since 1927. In fact, it’s the most alluring rose gardens in the US. While there are 190 rose varieties, rose growers continue to develop new hybrids every day. Apart from being the attraction place in San Jose, the garden is unsurprisingly the favorite venue for weddings. Indeed, this is one of the things to do & places to see San Jose, California.

Explore San Jose Flea Market

One interesting thing to do in this city is to enjoy shopping. Located on Berryessa Road, San Jose flea Market is the top choice for a camper. The market was opened in the early 1960s with just 25 sellers. Today, this popular market boasts between 1,500 to 2,000 vendors and a multitude of customers who sell and buy goods on weekends, respectively. George Bump Sr., who is the founder, built merchant stalls and installments that aided the vendors by providing enough storage space. Additionally, there are a dozen restaurants around this market and snack bars, as well. Pay a visit to this unique market.

Hike at Willow Glen

Willow Glen is part of San Jose and attractions. Well-known as the tourist trap, Willow Glen is famous for its numerous restaurants, walkable tree-lined avenues shops and streets, and its gorgeous architecture. All these give the area a special atmosphere. Vintage shops, specialty boutiques, sidewalk cafes, children’s shops line the streets. It introduces the visitors to several styles, including mission, Craftsman, Victorian and Neoclassical. You’ll have plenty to do in Willow Glen this weekend.

Just to mention, there are very many restaurants and fine dining where you can enjoy delicious dishes in San Jose. These include:

  • La Foret Restaurant
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy
  • Aqui Cal-Mex
  • Bill’s Café
  • Henry’s Hi-Life

To sum up, there are favorite things to do & places to see San Jose, California. From exploring the best museums and visiting big markets to hiking in the best restaurants. The city is interesting and eccentric and worth visiting. Spend time with your kids in these areas that offer travelers experience. It’s important to visit such likable places in your spare time.