Invisalign® For Teens In San Juan Capistrano

At Ortega Cottage Dentistry, we recognize that each teen case is one-of-a-kind. That's why we continuously enhance our Invisalign digital treatment solutions. Our objective is to offer a customized teeth-straightening solution that is accurate and supports the progress of your teenager.

With our Invisalign system, which utilizes SmartTrack® material, your teenager's smile can now transform up to 50% faster.* As your teen develops into the person you've always imagined, they can still embrace their uniqueness and enjoy the activities that make them extraordinary.

Invisalign® For Teens

The Treatment

To begin the process of transforming your teenager's smile, we will start with a scan or impressions. Our team will collaborate with Invisalign treatment specialists to create a comprehensive digital treatment plan, ensuring that your teenager's smile receives careful attention throughout the entire process.

The Aligners Offer An Excellent Choice.

Your teenager will be provided with Invisalign clear aligners made from the special SmartTrack material of the Invisalign system. You can easily keep track of your son or daughter's adherence to the treatment through an indicator on the aligner. The aligners should be worn for 22 hours a day, but can be easily taken off to minimize any disruptions to their daily routine.

The Process Of Transformation

When your teenager chooses Invisalign Teen, they will undergo a remarkable transformation in their smile and overall quality of life. In addition to delivering exceptional results, Invisalign Teen offers great flexibility. We understand that preferences may change, which is why we provide the Invisalign Teen Guarantee. If your teenager changes their mind within the first six months, they can switch to traditional braces. Throughout their orthodontic journey, we prioritize your teenager's comfort and confidence. Our team will develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with their specific goals. With Invisalign Teen, they can enjoy their favorite foods, maintain excellent oral hygiene, and engage in activities without any interference from braces. By choosing Invisalign Teen, you are investing in their future and helping them achieve their desired smile.

Keep Moving. Keep Smiling.

Invisalign offers better teeth-straightening outcomes in comparison to traditional braces, serving the needs of both you and your teenager.

We have the capability to correct teeth-straightening cases, whether they are simple or complex.

Orthodontic insurance covers this.

Our innovations can potentially reduce treatment times by up to 50%*.

You can have a comfortable experience without brackets or wires and require fewer visits to the orthodontist.

Continue to indulge in your preferred meals and pastimes.

Make the process of brushing and flossing easier with trays that can be easily removed.

Increase your self-esteem chances by two-fold.

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