Crowns & Bridges

A crown is a cap made of porcelain used to cover a tooth that is significantly decayed, fractured, or at a high risk for fracture. Crowns can be used to not only restore function, but improve esthetics as well. Crowns are cemented in place and can not be taken out.

Crowns have many uses including the following:

  • Protecting a root canal treated tooth

  • Providing support to a tooth with a large filling with or without cracks

  • Restoring a dental implant

  • Restoring worn down teeth

  • Providing anchorage for a bridge

  • Improving Esthetics

A bridge provides the same benefits of a crown, but it also replaces a missing tooth as well. A bridge is made of a false tooth that is attached to two adjacent crowns which fit over teeth on both sides of the missing tooth, therefore “bridging” the gap. 

Crown and bridges are both fixed restorations that can not be removed. Just like any other dental restoration, it is very important to care for your crowns and bridges just like you would your natural teeth. The better your oral hygiene regime, the longer your restorations will last. 



For more information:

Make an appointment with Dr. Michael Kim, so he and his dental team can explain more to you about Crowns & Bridges, and other options you may want to consider.