Can You Get Dentures With Receding Gums?

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By Ortega Cottage Dentistry

The answer to this question is – yes, you can. Dental dentures are a viable option for people with receding gums. Dental dentures can help replace missing teeth and provide the wearer with a strong, secure foundation to chew and speak normally again. Dental dentures not only fill in the gaps between your remaining teeth but also give support to the jawbone structure that supports these teeth. Dentures have come a long way over the years and today’s modern denture technology provides more comfort than ever before.

Types of Dental Dentures

There are two main types of dental dentures: partial and complete.

Partial Dental Denture

Partial dentures are ideal for people who still have some of their natural teeth. The partial denture fits over the existing teeth and bridges the gap between them and it also provides support to the remaining natural teeth. This type of denture is made from a combination of plastic, metal, and acrylic materials to form an exact replica of your existing smile.

Complete Dental Denture

A complete dental denture replaces all missing teeth in one arch (top or bottom). Complete dentures are held in place either by suction or with adhesive products, depending on your preference. It’s important to note that while they look like real teeth, they do require extra maintenance and care to keep them looking their best.

Benefits of Dental Dentures

Dentures not only restore your smile but also provide several other benefits as well. Dental dentures can help prevent further receding of the gums and bone loss in the area where teeth are missing, improve chewing and speaking ability, provide support to facial structures including lips and cheeks, and enhance your appearance by giving you a more youthful look.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have partial or complete dental denture needs, there is an option available to help replace receding gums and missing teeth. Dental dentures provide many benefits for people with receding gums including improved chewing and speaking abilities, improved appearance, support to facial structures, and prevention of further receding of the gums. Dental dentures are an excellent option to restore your smile and give you back your confidence.


Q: Are dental dentures comfortable?

A: Yes, modern denture technology has come a long way over the years making them more comfortable than ever before. Dental professionals can customize the fit of your dentures so that they feel as natural as possible in your mouth.

Q: How long do dental dentures last?

A: Dental dentures typically last between 5-8 years before they need to be replaced. However, it is important to take care of them properly by cleaning them daily and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups and maintenance.

Q: Can I eat with dental dentures?

A: Yes, you can eat most of the foods that you enjoy with dental dentures. However, it is important to avoid sticky or hard foods as they can cause harm to your dentures.