4 Tips To Keep Your Invisalign White

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Invisalign White
By Ortega Cottage Dentistry

Are you considering Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, but worried about how to keep them white? Invisalign is an increasingly popular orthodontic treatment that offers many benefits, such as being virtually invisible and removable for easy cleaning. However, keeping Invisalign trays white can be a challenge. Here are four tips on how to keep your Invisalign white:

1. Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks

There are certain foods and drinks that tend to stick to Invisalign more easily than traditional braces do. For this reason, it’s important to avoid these staining culprits. These include darkly colored drinks like coffee, tea, soda, wine, and juices; brightly colored foods like tomato sauces, blueberries, and beets; and acidic food and drinks such as oranges, limes, and lemons. In addition, it’s best to avoid all types of candy while wearing Invisalign trays.

2. Brush Your Invisalign Trays Regularly

Just like you would brush your teeth after every meal, it’s important that you also brush off any particles from your Invisalign trays in order to keep them clean and white. Using a soft toothbrush with water or non-abrasive toothpaste should do the trick! Be sure to thoroughly rinse the Invisalign trays afterward so that no trace of food particles is left behind. You can also try using Invisalign cleaning crystals or Invisalign cleaning tablets for deeper cleaning.

3. Soak Your Invisalign Trays Daily 

Soaking your Invisalign trays in a denture-cleaning solution is another effective way to keep them white and remove any built-up plaque or debris. It’s important that you use a cleanser specifically designed for Invisalign as some other products may contain ingredients that will damage the trays. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully and make sure to rinse the trays thoroughly after soaking.

4. Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly

It’s important to follow your orthodontist’s recommended schedule for Invisalign appointments. During these visits, your orthodontist will be able to check your Invisalign trays for any discoloration or build-up and provide you with tips on how to keep them white.


Keeping Invisalign trays white can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right preventative measures in place, it’s possible to maintain their whiteness. Avoiding staining foods and drinks, brushing Invisalign trays regularly, soaking Invisalign in cleaning solutions, and visiting your orthodontist on the schedule are all great ways to keep Invisalign white.


Q: How often should I brush my Invisalign? 

A: Invisalign trays should be brushed after every meal to remove food particles and prevent staining.

Q: Is Invisalign better than traditional braces?

A: Invisalign offers many benefits, such as being virtually invisible and removable for easy cleaning. In addition, Invisalign treatment typically requires fewer visits to the orthodontist compared to traditional braces. It is ultimately up to your orthodontist to decide which type of treatment is best suited for you depending on the severity of your condition.

Q: How often should I visit my orthodontist while undergoing Invisalign treatment?

A: Depending on your individual case, it’s likely that you will need to visit your orthodontist every 6-8 weeks. During these visits, your Invisalign trays will be checked and adjusted accordingly.