Tooth Extractions

Sometimes a tooth extraction may be recommended if a tooth is severely damaged from decay or trauma. Dr. Kim and his team make sure to take every step necessary to make sure that you feel no pain when going through this procedure. We always recommend ice packing the area after the procedure, as well as a cold, soft diet for a few days until the soreness goes away. Avoid smoking and drinking through straws to prevent dry socket and continue to take any medication as prescribed. 

After removal of the tooth, Dr. Kim will always recommend a replacement option. Most patients may be more worried about aesthetics or chewing function, but what concerns Dr. Kim more is the loss of bone in the extraction site along with possible drifting of the adjacent or opposing teeth. Although it may not seem like a big deal to replace a missing tooth, it will lead to consequences later down the road that may affect your other teeth and muscles surrounding your oral cavity. Dr. Kim and his team will make sure to go over all options based on your individual needs.   


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We strive to keep your natural teeth healthy for a lifetime, but unfortunately, there are many reasons why a tooth may need to be removed.  We provide safe extractions and options for replacement if desired or recommended.