Toothache Symptoms and Causes

Toothaches are not a soothing experience as they can be a frustrating and unpleasant experience. A toothache in a simple way means pain, soreness, or ache in or around a tooth, which makes chewing or biting hard and making the teeth sensitive to temperature. However, to get the main cause of your toothache, you will have to see a Dentist in San Juan Capistrano, who will consider several potential diagnoses based on your dental exam and medical history.

No matter how to sever or normal toothache symptoms is, it is a condition you should never ignore toothaches, as it can get worse if left untreated.

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The best part is that toothaches are not life-threatening, but in some cases, they are symptoms of a serious condition that needs quick medical treatment. This is why we have listed below some common causes of a toothache, read on:

•    Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by gum infections like gingivitis; when you notice that your gum has become hot, red, and swollen, then an infection might have occurred in the gums. This situation if left untreated can cause bone loss and deterioration of the gums. This can make the gum become detached from the teeth, and at worse exposing tooth roots to plaque and decay.

•    Tooth Decay

Tooth decay means the erosion and cavity formation on the outer surface of the tooth. When a sticky layer of bacteria is formed on the tooth enamel it eats away the enamel, causing weak areas and holes as it feeds on the sugars and starches from food particles. Cavities can be painless at their early stages but with time it creates symptoms such as sensitivity to temperature and touch as it spreads inward toward the middle layer of the tooth.

•    Sensitive Teeth

When you experience discomfort in your teeth after been exposed to certain foods, liquids, and cold air, this means your teeth may have developed a sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity develops when the teeth dentin is exposed as a result of cavities caused by worn fillings or cracked teeth.

•    Inflammation of the Tooth Pulp

When the tissue in the center of the tooth which is rich in blood vessels and nerves is inflamed and irritated this means the teeth has decayed deep into the pulp of the tooth. This can lead to pain as the inflammation causes pressure to build inside the tooth.

•    Cracked Tooth

This can occur for many reasons such as an injury to the mouth, chewing on hard objects can all cause a tooth to crack and expose the dentin or inner pulp. The toothache gets worse over time if left untreated as the inner pulp can become infected.

Whatever the cause of your toothache it is important you visit a San Juan Capistrano dental office so that they can determine the cause and apply the appropriate treatment or refer you to a doctor.

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